Adventures in Screenwriting: Mom Would Have Been Proud

Mom Would Have Been Proud Way back in the late Seventies – circa early in 1978 – I told my mom, “You know what? Someday I’m gonna write a movie. I wanna write one, anyway.” I had just seen Star Wars during one of the three times that I watched it over its long runContinue reading “Adventures in Screenwriting: Mom Would Have Been Proud”

Review of YouTube Short “Ronnie and the Pursuit of the Elusive Bliss” (Denise Longrie)

Originally posted on Reviews of Old and New Stories. Mostly Old:
Plot: This amusing and enjoyable short depicts the fireworks that erupt when the Ronderos’ son Jerry (Anthony James Hernandez) comes home from college for a visit. Mom Veronica (“Ronnie”), played by Adria K. Woomer-Hernandez, lays down the law to her husband Guillermo (Juan Carlos…