Forgotten Dreams

She played a song of forgotten dreamsOn the old piano in the barShe sang of love and loss and hopeHer voice was soft and clear as a star He listened with his heart and soulHe felt a connection he couldn’t explainHe saw the beauty in her eyesHe felt the joy and the pain They talkedContinue reading “Forgotten Dreams”

Snowflakes and Secrets

She ran away from me that night After she told me her secret She left me in a state of fright And I felt a sudden regret I chased her through the snowy streets Hoping to find her in the crowd I asked everyone I could meet But no one could help me somehow IContinue reading “Snowflakes and Secrets”

A Chance Encounter (A Poem)

The night is young and so am IA historian with a curious eyeI sip my beer and watch the crowdHoping for a spark to light my shroud The music plays a nostalgic tuneA reminder of a distant moonA time when heroes fought and diedAnd left behind their stories to confide Then I hear her voiceContinue reading “A Chance Encounter (A Poem)”

Our Bench in Central Park

We met by chance on a winter day You played the piano and stole my heart away We walked and talked and laughed and kissed We found a bench and made a wish You read the words of ancient lore You taught me what it means to live for more You held my hand andContinue reading “Our Bench in Central Park”

This Moment in Central Park

This Moment in Central Park (Based on an upcoming novella by the author) We walk in Central Park, hand in handFeeling the sun on our faces, the snow under our feetIt’s a beautiful day for late FebruaryThe sky is bright blue, the air is crisp and sweet We see the world around us, in allContinue reading “This Moment in Central Park”

A Nostalgic Date (A Scene from The New Story, in Free Verse Poetry Style)

I walk into Henry’s, feeling a mix of nerves and thrillI’m meeting Maddie for our second date, hoping she likes me stillShe suggested this place, with its vintage charm and flairShe said it reminds her of the old Pan Am flights in the air She greets me with a hug and a smile that meltsContinue reading “A Nostalgic Date (A Scene from The New Story, in Free Verse Poetry Style)”

But…It’s Spring! In Florida! (A Haiku for a Chilly May Morning in the Tampa Bay Area)

Chilly northern breeze Sends unexpected shivers To sleepy writer. (It’s 63 degrees Fahrenheit/17 degrees Celsius as I write this at 9:26 AM; it’s going to be hot later, with a forecast high of 88 degrees Fahrenheit/31 degrees Fahrenheit later in the day.)