On Poetry: ‘Where Time’s Winds Blow’

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I rarely write poetry.

I am, first and foremost, a writer of prose, with a side dish of screenwriting added for good measure. Poetry is a genre that I don’t tackle much because I always feel like, “Nah. This is drivel. It doesn’t sing.” In today’s parlance, poetry, my friend, is not in my comfort zone.

That’s not to say that I don’t write an occasional poem. In fact, back when I was a senior in high school, the English department chair at the time, Judith Anton, asked me to write a poem – without explaining why – within a tight deadline of one or two days. I, of course, complied and handed in a hastily typed poem (A Soldier’s Farewell) before the end of the next school day, still not knowing why.

(As it turned out, Ms. Anton entered my poem in that year’s Very Special Fine Arts contest, where it was read by several important people, including Jean Kennedy Smith, the late President Kennedy’s sister, as well as George Firestone, who was then Florida’s Secretary of State. It also won an award.)

I don’t have my copy of that poem handy, but I can share another poem that I wrote somewhat later in life.

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Where time’s winds blow
That’s where you are;
Your bright eyes glow
Like distant stars.

I call your name
And there you are;
In time’s freeze-frame
Caught from afar.

Where time’s winds blow
Things cannot last;
We come and we go
Like ships that pass.

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Love’s not always sweet, nor is it just “tomorrows”
It has sharp edges, barbs, and is full of sorrows.
Yet we must love, and face the storm
When time’s winds blow…..

Where time’s winds blow
That’s where you’ll be;
Where love’s fires glow
Your smile I’ll see.

Across the stars
Across the sea;
Where time’s winds blow
Our hearts will be.

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