Remembering Marty: A Ballad Inspired by ‘Reunion: A Story’

By Alex Diaz-Granados, author of Reunion

There once was a boy named Jim
Who loved a girl named Marty
But Marty had a lover
Who was jealous and a smarty

Jim sang with Marty in the choir
And he felt a secret fire
But he never dared to show it
For he feared that Kenny’d know it

Marty broke up with Kenny one day
And Jim thought he’d have his way
But he was too scared to ask her out
So he kept his feelings in a drought

He wrote her a letter of love and regret
And he gave it to her on the last day of school
He hoped that she would read it and smile
But he never got to see her reaction

He waited for the graduation day
But then he lost sight of her in the crowd
He wondered if she had read his letter
And if she felt the same way about him

He wished he could find her and talk to her
And tell her that she was his rock
But all he had were memories
And a letter that he’d never know


Published by Alex Diaz-Granados

Alex Diaz-Granados (1963- ) began writing movie reviews as a staff writer and Entertainment Editor for his high school newspaper in the early 1980s and was the Diversions editor for Miami-Dade Community College, South Campus' student newspaper for one semester. Using his experiences in those publications, Alex has been raving and ranting about the movies online since 2003 at various web sites, including Amazon, Ciao and Epinions. In addition to writing reviews, Alex has written or co-written three films ("A Simple Ad," "Clown 345," and "Ronnie and the Pursuit of the Elusive Bliss") for actor-director Juan Carlos Hernandez. You can find his reviews and essays on his blogs, A Certain Point of View and A Certain Point of View, Too.

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