Old Gamers Never Die: A Discussion on ‘Beating the Odds’ in ‘Cold Waters’

Background Briefing Cold Waters, the 2017 Cold War-turned-hot submarine simulation developed and published four years ago by Australian game studio Killerfish Games (Atlantic Fleet, War on the Sea) is one of my favorite computer games. Inspired by the 1988 MicroProse game Red Storm Rising, Cold Waters puts you in command of a nuclear-powered submarine fromContinue reading “Old Gamers Never Die: A Discussion on ‘Beating the Odds’ in ‘Cold Waters’”

Old Gamers Never Die: ‘Armored Brigade’ PC Game Review

Armored Brigade Developer: Veitikka Studios (Finland) Publisher: Matrix Games (U.S.-Great Britain) Released: November 15, 2018 Genre: Strategy/Real-Time Tactical Setting: Modern Timeline (1965-1991) No. of Players: 1 (Human vs. AI) On November 13, 2018, Matrix Games, a U.S.-U.K. publisher of computer games, released Armored Brigade, a real-time tactical war game which depicts land combat in aContinue reading “Old Gamers Never Die: ‘Armored Brigade’ PC Game Review”

Audiobook Review: ‘Red Storm Rising’ (2013 Bolinda Audio Edition)

The Coming “Red Storm” Reviewer’s Note: This review is not about Tom Clancy’s novel Red Storm Rising; it’s about the audiobook edition of that 1986 book. For an in-depth look at one of the 1980s’ runaway best-selling novels, you can read my review here: Book Review: Red Storm Rising. In the summer of 1986 –Continue reading “Audiobook Review: ‘Red Storm Rising’ (2013 Bolinda Audio Edition)”

Book Review: ‘Red Storm Rising’

On August 7, 1986, G.P. Putnam’s Sons published Red Storm Rising, a novel by Tom Clancy. Set sometime in the late 1980s – Clancy and his uncredited author Larry Bond never specifically mention a year in the text – Red Storm Rising is a military thriller that, as in The Hunt for Red October, Clancy’sContinue reading “Book Review: ‘Red Storm Rising’”