Into the Deep in Steel Coffins: ‘Red Storm Rising’ & ‘Cold Waters’

Running Silent, Running Deep Back in the late Eighties and even into the early 1990s – even after the collapse of the Soviet Union, I loved to spend much of my downtime playing Cold War era military-themed computer games. At the time, I had two different computers: an Apple IIe, which was a gift fromContinue reading “Into the Deep in Steel Coffins: ‘Red Storm Rising’ & ‘Cold Waters’”

Retro Review: ‘Silent Service II’ by MicroProse

In 1987, sometime after my uncle Sixto Diaz-Granados – my dad’s older brother – bought me my first home computer, I bought my first submarine simulation game, MicroProse Software’s Silent Service. This was a game designed by the legendary Sid Meier, who had (along with Lt. Col. William “Wild Bill” Stealey) co-founded MicroProse in 1982Continue reading “Retro Review: ‘Silent Service II’ by MicroProse”