Adventures in Screenwriting: ‘El Grande de Corona’

On November 17, 2020, my friend and frequent collaborator Juan Carlos Hernandez uploaded his latest comedy film, El Grande de Corona, to the Google-owned video platform YouTube. As Juan describes it, El Grande de Corona is a timely set of comedy sketches about the COVID-19 pandemic. Per the film’s description on YouTube, El Grande deContinue reading “Adventures in Screenwriting: ‘El Grande de Corona’”

My Adventures in Screenwriting: ‘Clown 345’

On July 12, 2019, my high school chum Juan Carlos Hernandez posted Clown 345, a short comedy film about three clowns, a phone, and a joke. It stars Juan (a professional actor who has played many roles on TV, feature films, and even local theater in and around New York City), his wife Adria, andContinue reading “My Adventures in Screenwriting: ‘Clown 345’”