Old Gamers Never Die: ‘Discovery’ of New Missions in ‘Cold Waters’ Teaches Me that Reading (Manuals) is Fundamental

One of the things I miss about buying computer games with physical media (CD-ROMs or DVD-ROMs in particular) is getting a printed manual in the same box as the game and – in some instances – keyboard overlays. For those of us who cut our gaming teeth in the 1980s and early 1990s, most computerContinue reading “Old Gamers Never Die: ‘Discovery’ of New Missions in ‘Cold Waters’ Teaches Me that Reading (Manuals) is Fundamental”

Old Gamers Never Die: ‘Cold Waters’ – One Campaign, Two Endings

Hello there, Dear Reader. It’s late afternoon here in New Hometown, Florida on Sunday, March 14, 2021. Right now the temperature is almost summerish: 81˚F (27˚C) under sunny skies. With the wind blowing from the west at 10 MPH (17 KM/H) and humidity at 53%, the heat index is 82˚F (28˚C). Today’s forecast calls forContinue reading “Old Gamers Never Die: ‘Cold Waters’ – One Campaign, Two Endings”

Old Gamers Never Die: Campaigning in ‘Cold Waters’ is Fun, But Not Easy

Hi, Dear Reader. It’s early afternoon here in New Hometown, Florida, and as I said in my previous post, I am taking the weekend off from working on the screenplay I’m writing for Juan Carlos Hernandez and his team at Popcorn Sky Productions. I need to recharge my batteries before I can get more intoContinue reading “Old Gamers Never Die: Campaigning in ‘Cold Waters’ is Fun, But Not Easy”

Old Gamers Never Die: Waging War in the ‘Cold Waters’ of the Taiwan Straits

The date: 20 August 2000. The time: 0700 Hours local time. The situation: USS Seawolf (SSN-21) is in the shallow waters of the narrow Taiwan Straits under orders to intercept and destroy a Chinese amphibious group bound for Taiwan. Primary Target: The merchant ships and landing craft of the People’s Liberation Army Navy’s invasion force.Continue reading “Old Gamers Never Die: Waging War in the ‘Cold Waters’ of the Taiwan Straits”

Old Gamers Never Die: My All-Time Favorite Computer Games

I have loved computer games ever since my father’s brother Sixto gave me my first personal computer – an Apple IIe with a color monitor and an Imagewriter printer – in 1987. At the time, I was still studying journalism at what was then called Miami-Dade Community College, and I badly needed a home computerContinue reading “Old Gamers Never Die: My All-Time Favorite Computer Games”

Book Review: ‘Red Storm Rising’

On August 7, 1986, G.P. Putnam’s Sons published Red Storm Rising, a novel by Tom Clancy. Set sometime in the late 1980s – Clancy and his uncredited author Larry Bond never specifically mention a year in the text – Red Storm Rising is a military thriller that, as in The Hunt for Red October, Clancy’sContinue reading “Book Review: ‘Red Storm Rising’”

Diving Deep Into ‘Cold Waters’: First Combat Missions!

As I continue to explore the many features of Cold Waters, the 2017 submarine simulation developed by the Australian game developer Killerfish Games, I have finally gone beyond Training and moved on to Single Mission combat mode. After three days of trying out most of the tutorial missions in the game – which its designersContinue reading “Diving Deep Into ‘Cold Waters’: First Combat Missions!”

Retro Review: ‘Red Storm Rising’ by MicroProse

If you’re a regular visitor to A Certain Point of View, Too, you might have read my posts about a new computer game that I’ve been playing over the past few days. It’s called Cold Waters, a game that puts you in command of a U.S. Navy nuclear-powered fast attack sub during a hypothetical ThirdContinue reading “Retro Review: ‘Red Storm Rising’ by MicroProse”

‘Cold Waters’: First Impressions

Although Cold Waters boasts sophisticated graphics and an immersive sound design that blends music, sound effects, and voice acting that is light-years beyond anything that Sid Meier and his design team at the old MicroProse could achieve in the late 1980s, there is a lot of Red Storm Rising in its cyber-DNA. They both put you in command of fast attack boats in a Third World War that can take place in different time settings. They are designed in such a way that you go from Training to Single Battle to Campaign in incremental levels of difficulty and complexity. Lastly, both Cold Waters and Red Storm Rising try to strike a balance between realism and playability.